By Appointment Only

Integrative Massage

60 Minute Sessions $85
Package of 5-60 Minute Sessions $395 (savings of $30) 425
Package of 10-60 Minute Sessions $765 (savings of $85)

90 Minute Sessions $115 
Package of 5-90 Minute Sessions $530 (savings of $45)
Package of 10-90 Minute Sessions $1035 (savings of $105)

PUSH® Therapy

Same fee schedule as above – Jennifer incorporates PUSH® Therapy into sessions as is appropriate for the client’s needs.

Oils and Lotions

While in massage school and in the early days of her practice, Jennifer personally experienced a lot of dermatological reactions with many of the lotions and oils most commonly used in the Wellness Industry. She realized that if she was reacting to these products, chances were that her clients could have reactions too. She spent the better part a year researching different oils and lotions finally choosing organic jojoba oil for use with her clientele. Non-allergenic and truly a liquid ester rather than an oil, jojoba is an amazing conditioner. Penetrating the skin leaving it feeling soft, smooth and conditioned, jojoba is the answer to the oily, greasy and sticky results other lotions and oils produce. Similar to the esters our own skin produces, jojoba will not clog pores. Occasionally, Jennifer will use a cooling or warming compound or arnica but for the most part, she uses pure organic jojoba blended with the highest quality essential oils.

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The best pioneers are the ones actually out the doing massage. They get devotees just from having put their hands on them. That's what keeps the field alive and moving.

Tiffany Fields, Ph.D. – Director, The Touch Research Institute, University of Miami, Medical School


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