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“Vibrant health is not just the absence of disease’ it’s a joyfulness that should be inside us all the time. It’s a state of positive wellbeing which is not only physical but emotional, psychological and ultimately even spiritual.”

Deepak Chopra

Integrative massage techniques to release rhomboids Deep tissue work on right shoulder Working out adhesions in the right shoulder that result from long standing chronic tension Bi-laterally stretching the lower back and erector muscles that support the spine

Jennifer brings over 25 years experience in healthcare, education and practice management to the table, so to speak. And she knows, firsthand, what it is like to suffer a debilitating medical condition. While recovering from her own illnesses, Jennifer's life radically altered. Left with an intimate knowledge of what people endure physically, emotionally and spiritually when they lose their health, her personal journey and recovery made it clear that the most unbearable of circumstances can be transcended to reclaim empowered life. She continues to create practices that support balanced, empowered life.

With compassion and appreciation for the resiliency of the human spirit, Jennifer chose to make a difference on a palpable level, and opened her doors in 2000 as a massage therapist.

Her clients bring a range of concerns from migraine headaches to cerebral palsy; sports injuries to fibromyalgia; low back pain to post-surgical recovery or simply unacceptable levels of day-to-day stress. Customizing each massage to her clients’ individual needs, her youngest client is 8 years old; the oldest 90. Jennifer’s job is to decrease and eliminate her clients’ unnecessary pain such that they can enjoy and participate fully in their lives.

Working gently initially, she prepares her clients for deeper work that can release chronically tight muscles and tissues. When appropriate, Jennifer provides instruction in simple exercises and posture practices that clients can easily do at home. These simple practices can re-educate muscles to behave in ways that enhance rather than compromise the body’s form and function.

Her clients who have undergone knee replacement, hip replacement and other surgical procedures know the benefits of both pre- and post-operative massage. Prior to surgery, massage can minimize stress and anxiety levels. And post-operative massage, once approved by the client’s medical doctor, can minimize scar tissue, shorten recovery time and compliment any physical therapy regime.

Jennifer is known in the Alameda community of complementary health providers for producing results. Continually awed and humbled by the body’s ability and desire to heal it’s self, Her commitment is to provide the assistance each client requires to begin their journey to enhanced, empowered well-being.


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